It’s A Double Hit!

  Source: Pexels I intend this to be short and precise- like the school  of medicine graduate list of names; Atieno, Awino, Omondi, and  Ogaga.  Everyone attributes this to the community’s culture of eating fish.   I wonder if other communities take these seriously. Oh Yes! Evidence based facts support this. Fish consumption has tremendous positive … Continue reading It’s A Double Hit!

Demystifying Kefir

I didn’t care much about kefir, until recently. Cupid’s Story My sister an auditor by profession seems to know more about Kefir than she does about audit. Amidst bouts of laughter, for thirty minutes, she was basking in glory as she narrated how indigestion, bloating and other stomach problems were household names to her Lovebird. … Continue reading Demystifying Kefir